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Dissertation Proofreading Service

Imagine a situation: you receive dissertation reviewed by the committee and one of the comments is an advice to proofread your writing for grammar mistakes. It would be very embarrassing to get such a comment, especially when the document is a dissertation, wouldn’t it? To avoid this embarrassment, you should thoroughly proofread your writing. You can do it yourself, ask your friends to assist you, or use professional thesis proofreading service.

There are several reasons to consider the third option – professional proofreading help:

  1. Professional proofreaders are objective and very attentive to details. They can immediately spot the mistakes and correct them.
  2. You receive tracked document. It means you can see all the changes, accept or reject the proposed modifications.
  3. Our prices are very moderate. You do not need to pay extra for cover page, outline, or reference list. You pay just for content proofreading.
  4. Quick delivery. While placing an order, you may choose any deadline for delivery of your paper. We will meet the deadline and deliver a thoroughly proofread document without delay. Thus, if you need your paper urgently, we will not let you down.

Proofreading Dissertation – An Important Step

Dissertation proofreading is an important step of the process because you cannot allow yourself to make mistakes at this level. Your writing must be free of all types of errors, including mistyped words, grammar mistakes, weak sentences, etc. As an author of your document, you are at risk of neglecting your mistakes only because you do not realize there are errors.

Our proofreaders, on the other side, will not leave a single error in your writing. Our proofreaders following several steps while working on your document:

  1. Reading your writing. At first, we read the entire document to get an overall idea of your writing
  2. Correcting spelling errors
  3. Checking for grammar accuracy
  4. Correcting punctuation

Once the document is proofread, we will read it again to make sure no errors and mistakes are left. In addition, upon your request, we will check your paper for plagiarism. You do not need to pay for plagiarism check; we will do it for free.

There are many editors and proofreaders working online and yet you should trust only professionals. We do not work with ESL individuals because we care about quality of our works and guarantee your satisfaction with the results. You are welcome to become our customer!

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